Below you will find a list of training courses and services that we are currently offering. 

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FTO Leadership Development - STC Certified

  • Must be currently serving in a law enforcement, firefighter or communications dispatcher capacity to attend

  • Leadership vs. Rank

  • The Power of Empowerment

  • Unlocking Emotional Committment

  • The Importance of Credibility

  • Personal Values vs. Department Values

  • Trainee and Personal Development

Aviation Law Enforcement Certification

  • Must be currently serving in a law enforcement capacity to attend

  • Aircraft/Ground Collision Investigations

  • Pilots Flying While Intoxicated Investigations

  • Human Factors in Aviation Security, Safety and Law Enforcement

  • Airfield Safety Management Systems 

  • Insider Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Airfield Enforcement - Rules/Regulations Citation Program

  • Safety/Security Investigations Report Writing

Duty to Intervene

  • Must be currently serving in a law enforcement capacity to attend

  • Excessive Force Intervention

  • Consequences of Failing to Intervene

  • Supervisors Responsibilities

  • Personal Liability

  • Managing/Regulating Behaviors and Emotions

FTO Program Management & Consulting

  • This service is for law enforcement agencies 
  • Field Training Officer Program Policy Development & Revisions

  • Field Training Officer Program Implementation

  • Trainee Evaluation Software Implementation

  • Trainee Evaluation Software Update

  • Trainee Evaluation Category Update


Please make all checks payable to: "JYB Training Solutions"


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Overdose Education

Drug Use Prevention

  • Must be currentley serving in a law enforcement capacity to attend
  • Cannabis Candy/Snack Replica's

  • Symptons of Overdose 

  • Overdose & Drug Prevention Usage Tactics

  • Drug/Alcohol Identification 

  • Overdose & Drug Usage Education

Public Speaking 

  • Public Speaking Mastery
  • Becoming a Better Presenter
  • Mastering the Art of Persuasive Public Speaking
  • Voice of Influence
  • Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting
  • Mastering the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Developing High Impact Presentations
  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Body Language 
  • How to Remeber a Speech

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